2018 Home Remodelling Trends

Thinking of renovating your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room? Look at these 2018 renovation trends that are bringing personality and taste into designs.


2018 will see a blur between the kitchen, dining room and living room. This design comes from a change in the way we use our space. The kitchen has always been an important part of the home, and this design is changing the view towards it by moving furniture into its borders. Kitchen islands are now becoming larger, enabling them to be used as a dining table.

The layout design is all about flow. The way the kitchen is used will determine the structure of the room. There will be more consideration about smaller things, for example, the space between the bench and the island. As well, designers are now recognising the advantages of a wider sink and the use of a slinky tap.


Bathrooms will see an increase in deeper colours, like blues and greys, to coordinate the textures and colour palettes used in living spaces.

New technology is being used more and more in the bathroom, giving homeowners a feeling of luxury. These technologies include ceiling showers, mirrors with built-in speakers and ambient lights. They’re reducing upkeep and allowing greater connectivity and entertainment.

Another trend is large tiling. This adds delineation and geometry to the bathroom, leading the eye to certain features in the room. Large tiling requires less maintenance. Designers are also using bespoke sinks – metal, timber or ceramic freestanding bowls.

Living room

One of the biggest living room trends will be the inclusion of tasteful pieces that are reinforced by a simple, rough and geometric background. Adding timber, concrete and wallpaper features to the central components of the living room will help soften the antique furniture, ornaments and artworks that are becoming more popular.

During the winter months, cosy elements will be popular in living rooms. Hanging rugs from the walls is a trendy feature, and there will certainly be a rise in plush furniture in fabrics such as lived-in leather and velvet, rather than fabrics that are more formal and stiff. Living rooms are also being accessorised with fake indoor plants and glass ornaments.


Less is more when it comes to designing the bedroom. Artificial indoor plants are here to stay, and bedrooms will begin to see more large plants and small trees being used as features. Designers are also opting for a more minimalist look, with fewer distracting features like televisions and gaming units.

Bed partitions are also popular this year, as they create a feeling of luxury to the room. Walk-through wardrobes are adding to this luxury as well, while giving the bedroom a circular flow.

Is it time to renovate or sell? Are you contemplating starting fresh? It’s a hard decision to make, and if you’re tossing between the two, why don’t you give one of our friendly staff a call to run through your options.

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